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Welcome to WiseWerks

WiseWerks has installed and maintained complex IT infrastructure for dozens of businesses in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years. We carefully select the best products and services and implement them with care and precision. We have never experienced a data loss event at any of our client sites, never had any case of hacker intrusion and maintain the highest level of professionalism and personal care for our clients.

One of our first projects was with Energy Technology Laboratories where we fostered the development of LivingWise, a 3D educational game which sold over 250,000 units and was inserted into school curriculums throughout the United States. LivingWise allows users to freely explore a highly detailed virtual home and learn how to make changes to everyday items that increase resource and energy conservation.

Specialty Skills

Windows PCs
Instant Remote Support
Custom Built High End PCs
Remote Access To Your Office/Home

Networking, Routers
Visual Basic Programming
Data Backup & Retention
Cyber Security

Wireless Networks
Database Support
VPN Setup and Management
Anti-Virus, Anti-malware

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