LivingWise® is an interactive 3D CD-ROM game which was developed as a means to introduce energy & water conservation to kids and parents through a new, innovative and entertaining platform. LivingWise is a wealth of information and opportunities. Take the time to explore it. As you walk through the virtual house, you will learn about a variety of environmental concerns: recycling, garbage, water & energy consumption, pollution and transportation. The television has four channels to view, including the entire Program video. The computer utilizes a local browser to access the Program website for students who can not otherwise access the internet. The World Atlas has over 40 countries to identify and learn about. The radio plays a variety of music files. Use these components to assign different mathematical, language, geography, art, music, science or communication tasks.

LivingWise is fun. It is becoming quite clear that when information is presented in the now-popular CD-ROM format, there is a positive impact on knowledge gained, habits and overall excitement for learning. The fact that the player has to work against a score and a clock will encourage users to play repeatedly to improve scores, thereby learning the material more thoroughly. Determined players will even discover a bonus round upon successfully completing the game.

Presently, LivingWise is only available for Windows compatible computers. It was designed to "take the message home" for parents, friends and families to enjoy. LivingWise can be used in the classroom, school computer lab, home, parent's work place, town library or at a friend's house. It only requires a computer with Windows 95. Sound is recommended but optional.