• In-Court Legal Presentation Platform

  • Zembo Medical Mail

  • Fenton Medical Transcription

    SMARTPak Online 3D Game

  • Organic Vegetable Express Online
    WiseWerks is teaming up with Los Angeles Organic Vegetable Express to design and implement and online automated produce delivery system. Users will be able to select from a huge variety of organic produce items online and have these items delivered right to their doorstep every week! We have designed a complex system to match up the small farms and local produce providers directly to the customers, the result is huge savings and full consumer exposure to a wide variety of quality organic fruits and vegetables!

  • Eco-Shopper
    WiseWerks will begin direct marketing and distribution of water savings showerheads aimed at alleviating drought stricken mid-west states this summer.

  • LivingWise 2.0
    LivingWise(tm) is a fun and exciting first person virtual world in which you explore a typical small house and find out how you can make a few changes in your to save a LOT of energy.
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