WiFi Systems

WiseWerks can install a custom WiFi system at your site. We have successfully deployed systems at 3 major apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area. We tailor make each system to fit your exact needs and stay within your budget. With our systems, users can surf the net at high speed from anywhere in the building. We provide installation, access cards and maintenance.

WiseWerks recently partnered with Speakeasy, one of the largest ISPs on the West Coast, in an innovative new billing solution for WiFi hotspots. It's called "NetShare" and it represents a radical change in the way a company and a customer can interact and combine forces in a way that is mutually beneficial to both. Under NetShare you can actually make money each month by sharing your WiFi hotspot with others around you. You and the ISP split the income that is generated by your hotspot.

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:We carry all the things you will need such as (call for pricing and ordering):

Access Cards

Typical Home WiFi Network

WiFi Links:

SpeakEasy NetShare http://www.speakeasy.net/netshare/

WiFi Finder http://www.wifinder.com/